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Fairview Homes For Sale

A century ago, Fairview Slopes was just a forest where workers came to work in logging businesses and sawmills. Today, the area known as Broadway to 2nd Avenue to locals grew to be one of the city’s most popular areas. 

It’s. also one of the favourite locations for young families or couples that want to be near the downtown area and tourists that wish to dine in some of Vancouver’s most acclaimed restaurants. 

Most of Fairview Slopes’ properties are small, boutique-style buildings built in the 1980s using a wood frame construction. As the structures are older, the exteriors were updated by new buyers, so most buildings have a modern look rather than one that reminds of the 1980’s architecture. 

The most common housing type in this area are condos, followed by townhouses, while detached homes are a rare sight and hard to find listed on the market. The recent average cost of condos in Fairview Slopes within the past few months is $900,000, while townhouses sell at $1.3 million on average. 

If you’re interested in the number of rooms rather than property types, you can expect to pay a price of around $600,000 for one-bedroom properties, while three-bedroom properties sell for a price of $1.8 million. Typically, properties are sold within a month of listing at 99% of the listed price.

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