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Lofts For Sale in Vancouver, BC

Condo ownership is by far the most popular form of homeownership in Vancouver, and lofts on high-rise buildings offer some of the most spectacular mountain and ocean views. In the early days, Vancouver didn’t have many lofts other than a few in Yaletown and Gastown, but with the city’s development and expansion, lofts have become a common sight in the city. 

You can find redeveloped historical buildings (old school lofts) and new development with high ceilings and loft-style floor plans (new school lofts) up for sale all across the city. However, the most popular loft spots are still Gastown and Yaletown, with a few new hot loft areas like Mount Pleasant and Crosstown.

Depending on the exact location and the size of the loft you’re interested in, you can expect to pay around $500,000 for 650 sq.ft. lofts and around $1.5 million for lofts with a size over 1,000 sq.ft. 

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