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Vancouver Homes For Sale Under $800,000

You can find Vancouver homes priced 700k to 800k in Downtown Vancouver, Killarney, Champlain Heights, Collingwood, Cambie, Kitsilano, and Fairview. While they were built between the 70s and 90s, many of these homes were renovated and updated between 1990 and 2005, so you won’t have to settle for older or run-down properties when looking for your next home.  

These properties typically come with 700 to 1,300 square feet living area spanning on one or two levels. Most of them come with an open concept kitchen and living area, new appliances, floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuites, granite counters, and walk-in closets. Amenities, schools, parks, and shopping malls can also be found nearby.

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